Info Festival “ADVENT 2024”

Regulation of 26th International Festival-competition of Children’s and Youth Creativity “JÜRIKUU”

We invite you to take part in the traditional  16th International Festival-competition of Children’s and Youth Creativity “JÜRIKUU”. The Festival is held in Tallinn(Estonia) cultural center “Lindakivi” at 2:00pm on December  7th 2024. The beginning of the sample scene at 1:00pm.

General terms

Children, youth and adults, creative teams and solo performers from different countries, both professional and amateur, are invited to participate in the Festival. The festival is open and accessible to every participant regardless of age. The Festival has been held since 2009; during this time, creative teams from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Belarus and Ukraine have already taken part in the Festival.

Festival Organizers: The non-profit association “LaFest” together with the travel company “Latours” with the support of the cultural center “Lindakivi” (Tallinn, Estonia).

The organizing committee carries out the preparation and holding of the Festival, it approves the composition of the jury from among the leading experts of culture and art of the countries participating in the Festival. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to make changes to the current regulations.

The head / accompanying staff / individual performers are fully responsible for the life and health of children, as well as for the safety and integrity of the property / property of participants during the Festival.

Goals and objectives

Open International Festival-competition of Children’s and Youth Creativity “ADVENT” is held in order to exchange experience and strengthen international relations between creative teams of different countries. The festival promotes:

  • revelation of the creative potential of children and youth;
  • identification of bright creative teams and talented performers;
  • motivation for further professional growth;
  • creating an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding between the participants.



Choreography (soloists, duets, trios, collectives): classical choreography, modern choreography, pop dance, folk dance, modern dance, club dance, ballroom dance, jazz, oriental dance, hip hop, democlassics…

Vocal (soloists, duets, trios, ensembles, choirs): pop, folk, academic vocals, song theater.

Instrumental performance (soloists, duets, ensembles, orchestras): various musical instruments.

Circus (soloists, duets, trios, collectives): plastic etude, acrobatics, balancing act, antipode, rubber, juggling, clowning, etc.

Theater: solo and collective performances by representatives of all spheres of theatrical activity.

Fashion theater : all types.


Other (in accordance with the accepted applications).

Age categories

  • up to 7 y.o. – super-juvenile;
  • 8-10 y.o.juvenile;
  • 11-14 y.o.middle;
  • 15-21 y.o.senior;
  • from 22 y.o. super-senior;
  • mixed age group;
  • «Teacher and student» (joint performance of a teacher and a student).

Performance requirements

According to the rules of the Festival, each participant / team performs one number in the appropriate age category. The timing of one issue is up to 3 minutes.

The presentation of the second issue by the team is possible only by prior agreement with the organizing committee (paid additionally: 10 euros per participant).

The negative soundtrack of the competition performance (the total duration is no more than 3 minutes, including the introduction and ending) of proper (high) quality, must be recorded in *mp3 format., signed and sent to the Organizing Committee’s email address no later than November 20, 2024.

The performance of vocal works under the phonogram (+) is not allowed!

Participants using their own video series/multimedia effects for the performance can use the screen by notifying the Organizing Committee in advance and indicating this in the application.

The use of custom attributes is allowed with a small number of them.

Installation and uninstall should not exceed 15 seconds before/after the performance.

Before the start of the Festival, participants are given the opportunity to rehearse on stage (soundcheck). The rehearsal schedule is sent by the organizing committee to all participants in advance.

Conditions of participation in the Festival

Registration of participants is carried out until November 5, 2024 on the basis of an application and a list of participants filled in according to the prescribed form. The Organizing Committee has the right to stop accepting applications ahead of schedule due to the fact that the number of applications is limited!

  • Festival fee: soloist – 50 EUR; duo – 60 EUR; trio -90 EUR; quartet-20 EUR/per participant; ensemble/collective of 5-20 people -15 EUR per participant; collective of 20 people or more-10 EUR per participant – paid no later than March 25, 2024

  • Travel and accommodation of participants – at your own expense

  • No fees are paid

  • Participants and teachers of the collectives are provided with visa support to obtain free visas.

Summing up and awarding

  • The decision of the jury in each nomination and each age category determines the winners and prize-winners among the collectives and soloists (the decision of the jury is final and cannot be changed)

  • If the team performs more than one number in the same age category and nomination, it receives a final score equal to the highest result.

  • All creative teams and soloists are awarded with Diplomas of I, II or III degree in accordance with the jury’s assessments

  • Soloists, duets and trios receive Diplomas and medals with the festival logo

  • Each participating team receives an award-winning stella with the logo of the festival, as well as diplomas and festival souvenirs for each declared member of the team. If the band performs in two or more nominations, it receives one stellar award.

  • The most memorable concert number of the Festival is awarded the Grand Prix.

  • Each team leader, teacher, concertmaster who participated in the preparation of the festival numbers receives a Letter of Thanks from the organizing committee.

Photo and video shooting

  • Professional photography is organized at the Festival.

  • Amateur filming is allowed, but is limited to the location of filming, so as not to interfere with the speakers, the work of the jury members and the organizers.

  • Photo and video materials of the Festival can be used by the organizers without the approval of the participants and guests of the Festival.

Conditions of participation in the online nomination:

  • Video recordings of live performances are allowed for the competition: video of concert performances in the 2021-2024 academic year or home video

  • One perfomance should be recorded on the video. Timing: up to 5 minutes/ theater up to 15 minutes

  • A link to the video is sent to the organizing committee along with the application. You can use the following services to post videos: Youtube, Cloud Мail.ru , Yandex Disk, etc.

  • The video taken on the phone should be sent to the organizers via Viber or WhatsApp.

  • The members of the international jury evaluate the numbers as they arrive and prepare a professional comment along with the assessment.

  • Acceptance of applications ends on December 5th.

  • 1 soloist/duet competition number – 30 euros (international typographic diploma of I, II or III degree, a medal and a letter of thanks to the teacher is sent by mail or transmitted at the meeting)

  • 1 competition number of the collective / family – 40 euros (international typographic diploma of I, II or III degree, festival cup, letter of thanks to the teacher, sent by mail or transmitted at the meeting.

This regulation is an official invitation to participate

Sincerely, the organizing committee of the Advent Festival

Contacts: +372 56604710 +372 6603705 Väike-Ameerika 8-103 Tallinn

E-mail: ljuba@latours.ee